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  • Buffalo Who Part 1
  • Authored by:fleecebeast on Monday, March 06 2006 @ 03:46 pm PST
When we went to The Nuyorican there wasn't a sense of racial segregation. True, poets had the "I'm (insert race, culture or gender) and the world is unfair" poems and I wasn't into that. So when that went on it was boring, but if there was any racism I didn't pick up on it. The same feeling was present when I began going to The Bowery. A group of regulars formed out of it and we were very diverse in appearance and style. As far as what's for what- maybe it's that way now and that's a shame because it's up to the attendees to control the direction of the activities. The open house style that is happening here came out of my practice of Buddhism and the response to allowing artists space to be free. It's not something that has happened in New York bot because I am not there to conduct it, but simply because it's not happening and the only way to make it happen is simply get together. I think any book on the subject needs to answer what Buffalo is, what Buffalo isn't, or at least ask why Buffalo is or isn't, used to be, is now or wasn't before. This is the very reason I started writing this out. Because for me, what is Buffalo and what isn't Buffalo is different from what anyone else decides what's what for them. I hope that this inspires other writers to write their own discourses to allow us to explore these ideas.