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  • Self Portrait in Blue
  • Authored by:kingotho on Sunday, February 25 2007 @ 03:36 pm PST
That's crazy man. Very nice.
  • Self Portrait in Blue
  • Authored by:jamzik on Monday, February 26 2007 @ 01:25 am PST
It's something I made out of pieces I had on my hard drive, some experimental photoshop work, where I exported a film clip to a folder of tiff images, then tried out different photoshop filters until I got one that looked cool, then ran a macro that applied the filter to all of the images, then I imported them all back into premiere, ran through them once slow, then backward fast. Six months later I stuck in a sound clip that seemed to fit. It's like a nonverbal poem of some sort. I just make shit sometimes, not knowing exactly what it is. and then I put it up on youtube. Ha. I hope to get at least of few what the fucks out of it. -
(by the way - david's forest park video is doing well in japan - I put it up on a japanese site. I cut a pasted my way into the registration with google translate. 500 views in a week.)