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  • eastside parlor tricks of the trade when one is a partisapant in a harmonica duel
  • Authored by:fleecebeast on Monday, November 06 2006 @ 09:37 am PST
Yeah, man! It was real cool meeting you. I also wrote about the harmonica duel. so here's my take, pardon the lack of names though:

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
1:35 pm
Last night Noah, Swift and I went to Manhattan via D train express with freaky train conductor announcing all sorts of endorsements for the stops: "161st St home of the world champion Yankees!, 125th St home of the world famous Apollo Theater, This is a BROOKLYN bound D train, stand clear of the closing doors!" There was a couple on the train who were really in for the long ride from the Bronx though Manhattan and into Brooklyn, they had been worked into a frenzy by the announcements, the woman revealed her Detroit Tigers Jersey while her man kept threatening to just get off the train. It was pretty funny though the conductor let us three down when he didn't go off at 34th St. Herald Square- Madison Square Garden. He had a weird groove going and just dropped it once in Manhattan.
We went around looking for somewhere to drink where they wouldn't card because Swift didn't have his ID on him. McSorley's was a fantastic choice, I won't get into it too much, but I will say that it was the perfect bar for Yosemite Sam to walk in and shoot the place up. After a slice of pizza Noah split while Swift and I headed into Alphabet City to Luke Mann's.
Crossing on 1st Ave I heard a harmonica come from a group of kids, "I challenge you to a harmonica duel right now!" I yelled and the crew came over and we worked up a great blues. Swift gave them his number and offered them the chance to jam some more. We ended up walking with some guy who was traveling and currently camping in Pelham Bay. He told us that he had guitars and a sax, was looking for a place to recreate the Small's Jazz Club, the last of the true New york speak easies (speak easy, one; speak easy's- easies? plural???).
Once on the roof two of the kids came up, they brought with them two black kids who told me they were from the Bronx, I played harmonica all night while one of the kids, Game Over took turns with Swift rhyming and singing. Later through the night Game Over and I got into a discussion about the nature of self and the universe. He told me that I was blessed and filled with peace.
Around two I left with the whole gang of musicians, sans kids from the Bronx and Swift who stayed behind to work on a song with Luke. On the train we exchanged electronic contact and all rode until our stops. The city is getting cold, but the Buffalo style is getting hot. We're going to have some great things upon the city in the coming months. Right now we're just planning, but I really can't wait for the shows to start because I hope that we'll be changing open mics and poetry readings in New York.